Unlocking the Mysteries of RV Insurance 

RV insurance is crucial for owning and operating a recreational vehicle. It offers coverage for the unique risks associated with RVs, going beyond traditional auto insurance. RVs vary in types and sizes, including Class A, Class B (camper vans), Class C, conventional trailers, and fifth-wheel trailers. What sets RV insurance apart is its extensive coverage, protecting not only the vehicle but also the living quarters and personal contents. This...

Car Risk Assessments: A Proactive Approach to Client Protection in Ontario 

In today's ever-evolving world, proactive client protection has become a central concern for businesses across industries. In the realm of auto insurance, particularly in Ontario, this commitment to safeguarding client interests takes the form of comprehensive car risk assessments. These assessments, while often overlooked, play a critical role in ensuring client safety and in mitigating potential risks associated with driving. This blog post...

A new place to be…in New Brunswick

Located on Canada’s east coast along the Atlantic Ocean, New Brunswick offers a distinct way of life and exciting career opportunities for newcomers. We value the experiences and skills of immigrants. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) helps immigrants to be in New Brunswick more quickly.

My New Brunswick

You are a New Brunswicker at a crossroads – perhaps you have just graduated, perhaps you are ready for a new challenge. You may be looking for ways to get involved and become more active in your community. More than ever, our province offers all kinds of opportunities. You can build your career, make connections, contribute to your community and have a fulfilling life right here at home. Rediscover what it is like to live,...

Moving Here

You are considering pulling up stakes and making a change.You want to stay in Canada, connect with people, history and nature, and still feel like the world is your oyster. Here in New Brunswick you can choose to live in an exciting urban centre or in one of our many beautiful smaller communities. We think you will find that our province is the perfect fit. Learn what it is like to live, work, study and start a business in New Brunswick.

Coming Home

You are a New Brunswicker living away – and you are feeling the tug of home. There is a lot of great activity going on these days, and there are exciting job opportunities to explore. We want you to be part of it all. So come home and rediscover what it is like to live, work, study and start a business in New Brunswick.